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Herbal Mix (Donation)

Herbal Mix (Donation)

1 Gram

 Here at Tidy Buds, we are trying to achieve big things and sadly in our world, you can't achieve big things without money. 

As we're planning to engage with local communities and wish to come together for larger-scale clean-ups in the future, we will need a bit more funding to really get down to business. We plan to get in contact with eco-restoration and sustanainable companies and help mitigate the damage in some areas of Ireland worst hit by human, agricultural and industrial pollution. 

But we don't just want to ask for support without giving anything in return. We don't vibe like that. 

So, we have decided to come up with a lovely herbal smoke-mix alternative to tobacco and offer this in return for any donations you may be willing to send our way. 

And one more for giving back, just as with our vest, 2€ of each donation will itself be donated to the Charity Pieta House, which provides 24/7 Suicide Crisis Hotline in Ireland.

  • Smoke Mix Info

    We all know that smoking tobacco is not healthy, but cannabis can be prohibitively (pun intended) expensive in Ireland and we've tried a few different prepared mixes before, all of which were rather terrible to smoke. 

    So we did some research and tried a few different herbs out there and we've come up with a smoke mix that doesn't stink like incense or ruin the taste of your good bud. In fact, the mix is so smooth you barely even feel that you're smoking at all.

    And the best part of it, the smoke mix makes for a great tea too!

    No, actually the best part is that all these herbs have their own mild and beneficial psychoactive properties, and all of them are fantastic.

    Check over to the Ingredients list for more details.


    The smoke mix will be shipped free of charge.

  • Smoke/Tea Mix Ingredients

    The main ingredients of the smoke mix are Red Raspberry Leaf and Coltsfoot Leaf.

    In addition, we're also adding in various other herbs as they are available from retailers. Currently many possible leaves are sold out, but will be added if they are in stock.

    Passion Flower Herb (Available)

    Valerian Root, Wormwood, Mugwort, Skullcap, Mullein Leaves (Sold out)

    Red Raspberry Leaf has a fluffy texcture, making it perfect to roll with and has a series of medicinal compounds, which help alleviate period pain and has a calming effect on the nervous system. It even neutralizes nictotine poisoning!

    Coltsfoot is an expectorant, helping to free phlegm from the lungs. Again something that actually helps long-time smokers further than just replacing tobacco! 
    It has a neutral flavour, lending it perfectly to its use in this smoke mix.

    Passionflower is a tobacco alternative used by native Peruvians for centuries. With its calming and relaxing effects, it is considered to be a supportive treatment for anxiety, restlessness, and agitation, among others.

    We'll add a little introduction to the other herbs as they become available.

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