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Cannabis Community Ireland

Home of the Tidy Buds

The Tidy Buds wish you a warm welcome!

Our pledge is to keep the streets of Ireland clean and green.

How we do intend to do this?

Please take a moment to read our Call to Action below and let us know if you have any question.

Please follow us on our social media for updates and news in the Irish Cannabis Activist Community and for Tidy Buds actions.

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Image by Tim Foster

Call To Action

Of The Tidy Buds Squad

Welcome to the Tidy Buds of the Cannabis Community Ireland.

So, what are Tidy Buds?

Tidy Buds is a peer-driven volunteer campaign of community engagement & outreach, with the goal of changing the stigma and false preconceptions of cannabis and cannabis users in society.
It is also a Social Media campaign where we publish our actions through our Social Media channels and those of all our friends and fellow Buds in the expectation to reach more people.

And what do the Tidy Buds do to achieve that goal?

We all know cannabis users tend to care for the environment and sustainability. Tidy Buds were born out of the desire to keep Ireland green and we do so by going into our local communities, one operation at a time.

So, we don our Tidy Buds high-vis vest and go out into our local communities armed with picker and trash bags to clean up any human-made trash we find along the way.

This gives us the opportunity to get into a conversation with residents and passerbys, as we often get recognition for our activities.
We can then display first hand that we cannabis users are not the lazy, unmotivated stoners that we were made out to be by prohibitionist propaganda, which held a firm grip over public opinion throughout the past 40+ years.

And we also like to spark up while we're out and about, as an act of civil disobedience and well, because cleaning is just more fun when you've had a bit of cannabis!

We further provide voluntary clean-up services for the cannabis protests happening in Ireland whenever we can.

The mission of our community is to leave no trace, with the surrounding environment cleaner than we found it!

If you have seen pictures or participated from one of the many recent events, you may have already spotted some of us.

Who are the Tidy Buds?

Well, we're volunteers. Everyone can be a Tidy Bud!! We run the logistics of the campaign, but our impact will heavily rely on you, as we plan to bring this campaign into every county in Ireland.
So now we hope that you will call yourself Tidy Bud after visiting our site!


We are advocating for cannabis and larger drug reform of the status quo, which is a plethora of draconian prohibitionist policies, which have been used to criminalise and terrorise the people of Ireland for over four decades. 

The victims of these drug policies are mostly the poor, disaffected and people afflicted with mental illnesses and mental health issues.

The cannabis plant has been cultivated and used by our ancestors for over 12000 years. It has been taken away from our society by racist authoritarian agendas, as they forced unjust laws upon the population with the goal to target minorities while making a truckload of money through vested interest. 

There are many sufferers of a variety of conditions out there for which cannabis is the ONLY medicine that works for them and it does so with a minimum amount of side effects. All the while their doctors are prescribing them the worst of the worst of pharma, with patients having the option to either take 30 pills a day with debilitating side effects, or seek their own cannabis supply, most likely from an unregulated black market vendor.

To be concise on the above: 

Cannabis Reform is a civil, human and patients' rights issue and prohibition has to end! 

There is no debate on this!

And what's your plan for the future, how do you want to make an impact?

It all depends on how many cannabis users and legalisation supporters are willing to grab a picker, don the vest and invest a few hours of their week to do a good community service, while also promoting our cause of bringing a spotlight on the issue of prohibition and the need for cannabis legalisation & reform.

The vest is not mandatory but highly recommended to highlight our cause on the streets. Also, we advise for safety to be seen while working alongside roads.)

As we're growing our community, we will plan Tidy Buds group clean-up events, where we run operations like beach clean-ups, fix heavily littered residential areas and join local community events, like the Dublin Canal clean-ups. 

For the future, we also wish to engage with the Tidy Towns initiative, as we plan form groups under our campaign name.

What else is there to know?

Everyone is invited and encouraged to combine the Tidy Buds action with the #FeedTheBirds / #OvergrowTheGovernment campaign of planting cannabis seeds all over Irish cities and counties. You can get raw hemp seeds from your local health store if you'd feel like training up on growing some plants.

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